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Big British Breakfast
Three eggs, bacon, sausages, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato slices, baked beans & fried bread (yes fried bread)  15

Huevos Rancheros V
Two eggs any style served over fried corn tortillas with a tomato chilli sauce & finished with our guacamole, sour cream and fresh cilantro 12 Add Chorizo 2

Denver Sandwich
Srambled egg, ham, peppers, green onions & cheese served with potato wedges or tomato slices 10

House Made Buttermilk Pancakes
3 cakes 10        2 cakes 8

Add warm apple compote, blueberry or strawberry sauce 3 Add chocolate chips 2

The Meatless V
Two eggs, potato wedges, tomato slices & fresh orange slices with a choice of toast 10


Banana Bread French Toast V
House made banana bread dipped in our signature egg mix and perfectly grilled.

3 slices 13 `2 slices 11  Add warm apple compote, blueberry or strawberry sauce 3

French Toast V

French bread dipped in our signature egg mix and perfectly grilled.

3 slices 10 `2 slices 8  Add warm apple compote, blueberry or strawberry sauce 3

Bacon & Eggs

Two eggs, bacon, ham or sausages served with potato wedges or tomato slices and your choice of toast 10

Beet Latkes V
Two beet latkes, eggs topped with our horseradish dill sour cream. Served with potato wedges or tomato slices 12


Made with basted eggs and our own hollandaise. Served with potato wedges or tomato slices. Gluten free option available

Twisted Farmer

Corned beef, bacon & cheddar

Full 15  Half 12

Goat Cheese Tomato & Guac V
Goat cheese, sliced tomato, house guacamole

Full 15  Half 12


Turkey Bacon Cheddar
Roasted turkey, bacon & cheddar

Full 15  Half 12

Bacon & smoked ham. Need we say more?

Full 15  Half 12



Chicken Chorizo

Two of our buttermilk waffles tucked underneath crispy chicken tenders, a traditional Southern style gravy topped with a Chorizo crumble and syrup. Sweet & savoury at its finest.

14   Upgrade to Morning Glory waffles +2


Traditional buttermillk waffles, butter and syrup

4 waffles 10  3 waffles 8 

Add warm apple compote, strawberry or blueberry sauce 3



Served with choice of potato wedges or tomato slices and toast 15

Holy Guacamole
Grilled chicken, peppers, red onion and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with fresh tomato and our guacamole.

Greek V
Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, peppers, tomato and red onions.

Ham, peppers, green onion,  tomato, mushroom and cheddar

Mushroom Ham & Cheese
Sauteed mushrooms, smoked ham and cheese

Meat Lover
Bason, ham, sausage and cheddar

California V
Gucamole, tomatoes, sauteed leeks and goat cheese.


Served with hand cut fries, sweet potato fries, cup of soup or slaw

Upgrade to traditional poutines, side salad, bowl of soup, cup of chili  3.50 our our gourmet poutines for 4.50

Johan’s Club
Corned beef, pickle, Swiss, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard. More than a mouth full! 15

Classic Hot Turkey
Oven roasted turkey on French bread topped with our special recipe cranberry sauce 14

Tuna Melt
Tuna, celery, dill, lemon, red onion & cheddar toasted on your choice of bread 12

Spicy Chickpea Wrap V
Chickpeas cooked in our signature blend of spices, grill pressed in a flour tortilla wrap with lettuce, cucumber, red onion & a zingly tahini dressing 13

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Chicken tenders tossed in our spicy buffalo sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers and shredded cheese 14


The Sputnik
A seriously good sandwich! Turkey, house slaw, Swiss with Russian dressing on grilled rye 14

Monte Cristo
Turkey, ham, Swiss, mayo & mustard on French bread dipped in beaten egg then grilled 14

Loaded Grilled Cheese V
Salsa, guacamole, cheese, banana peppers, tortilla chips on your choice of bread. Oooey gooey goodness 13

Coronation Chicken
A British classic created for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Diced chicken tossed in a mild curried mayonaise with mango chutney and lettuce on your choice of bread 14


Grilled rye with corned beef, saukraut, 1000 Island and Swiss 14

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Served with garlic toast (gluten free option available)

Classic Mac V
Creamy house made white cheddar cheese sauce and macaroni. Simple. 11

Mushroom Mac V

Sauteed mushrooms, leeks and Parmesan  14


 Macho Mac V
House made tortilla chips topped with classic mac, cheese fondue, guacamole, salsa, banana peppers, extra cheese, sour cream and cilantro 14

Chili Mac
House made chili hidden under our classic mac and baked until golden 15




Made with hand cut fries & real cheese curds

Oooh Alfredo
Bacon, green onion, feta, parmesan and our house made creamy Alfredo sauce – you will be hooked! 13

California V
Roasted red peppers, diced tomato, red onion, house hummus, guac and goat cheese 13

Vladimir Poutine 

Handmade perogies from Mom’s, Manitoba Kubasa, sauerkraut, sauteed onions, green onions, cheese curds, bacon, gravy and a sour cream drizzle 15


Gravy and melty cheese curds. It just works. 12

Old School Chili Cheese

Chili, cheese fondue, cheese curds, sour cream and green onions 14

Mighty Greek V

Olives, diced tomatoes, peppers, red onions, feta, cheese curds and our scrummy creamy Greek dressing 13

You Benny Believe It V

Two eggs, guacamole, diced tomato, cheese curds and our lush Hollandaise sauce 13

Buffalo Chicken

Crispy chicken tossed in our spicy buffalo sauce, banana peppers, diced tomato, cheese curds topped with our house made Ranch dressing. Get your sweat on! 15



The patties: beef, grilled chicken or veggie. Add an extra patty 3.  Served with fries, sweet potato fries, cup of soup or slaw

Upgrade to our traditional poutine, side salad, bowl of soup, cup of chili 3.50 or our gourmet poutines 4.50

Basic not Boring

Simply mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion confit 14

Chili Cheese

Choose your patty and we top it with our chili, shredded cheese and sour cream 16


Cheese fondue, slaw and onion confit. Seriously, give it a try 15


Our basic with sauteed mushrooms, cheddar and bacon 15

Mighty Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ooey gooey mac ‘n’ cheese on our beef patty with tomato and bacon 16


Cracked black pepper, roasted red and banana peppers, sliced red onion, BBQ sauce, Provolone, lettuce and tomato 16

Seeing Double

Two patties, red and sauteed onions, bacon, sausage, Provolone, white cheddar & bbq sauce. Extra napkins may be required 19

Go West

Our tangy BBQ sauce, sunny side egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce & tomato 16

Bacon & Blue

Tangy blue cheese, bacon, toasted walnuts, red onions, crumbled blue cheese and a whole lotta yum! 16

California Feeling

Roasted red peppers, sauteed leeks, guacamole, hummus, goat cheese, lettuce and tomato 16




Includes garlic toast (gluten free option available). Add grilled chicken 3.50

Roasted Beet & Feta V

Roasted beets, greens, feta, toasted walnuts and our honey balsamic vinaigrette

Full 13  Half 8

Cheeky Chickpea

Greens, diced tomato, chick peas, red onion, cucumber & feta tossed with our lemon dill vinaigrette

The Oakwood

Greens, candied nuts, grilled chicken, goat cheese and honey balsamic dressing

Full 15  Half 9

Greekish V

Greens topped with Kalamata olives, peppers, cucumber, red onions, feta, tomato and our creamy Greek dressing

Full 14  Half 8


Oakwood Classics

Fish & Chips

Haddock dipped in our beer batter. Served with hand cut fries, tartar sauce and our slaw

Two pieces 15  One piece 13

Chicken Tenders

Marinated breaded tenders cooked golden and served with hand cut fries and honey dill sauce 15


Six homemade cheese and potato perogies with bacon, sauteed & green onions served with sour cream. Pan or deep fried. 14

Add Manitoba Kubasa & Kraut 3

Guinness Bangers & Mash

Oven roasted Guinness bangers over our dijon mustard mash with a rich onion gravy 15

 Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf

Our take on this childhood favourite made with beef it will bring back happy memories. Served with roast veg, mash & gravy 16

The Meatless Loaf V

Our blend of mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic and secret seasoning means you won’t miss the meat! Served with roast veg, mash and our veggie gravy. 14


Sweet Stuff


Our selection of desserts is always changing (mainly to keep Wendy out of trouble)

Give us a call on 204.475.4250 for the days selection or better yet pop in and taste for yourself!


We are fully licensed and offer a range of Canadian, British and European beers, wine and spirits


Thick and creamy choose from chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, coffee and vanilla all made with vanilla ice cream and  sauces  8


Bottomless Tea and Coffee

Our Organic Ethopian single estate coffee will perk you up along with our selection of black and herbal teas 3

Bottomless Soft Drink

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Rootbeer, Iced Tea and Canada Dry Ginger Ale 3


Orange, Apple, Cranberry and Grapefruit or combine your faves we don’t mind 3

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 4.25


White or Chocolate 3.25



Bowl of soup 6

Cup of soup 4    1 Litre Borscht 12    4 litre pail of Borscht 30

Extra portion of sauce .50

Cheese toast  6

Garlic toast  4

Side of fries or wedges  5

Side of  sweet potato fries  6

Bowl of chili  8

Cup of chili  4