About Our Team


The ‘Boss’

With a passion for food, crazy ideas and a method that is sometimes a bit outside the box that causes many a raised eyebrow from our team, I was lucky enough to take over the Oakwood in 2016 and have been on a vertical learning curve ever since.

With a super supportive family and a love of feeding people, we sat down and thought about what we like to eat. The answer was simple and recipes were tweaked, eyes were rolled and we changed the menu to reflect food that evokes memories from childhood and my years of living in the UK.

We have stripped back the Oakwood style to what I think is are its strengths, which is a local family restaurant with the ability to offer home made dishes at a reasonable price. Breakfast all day because who doesn’t like breakfast? Add in some delish burgers and sandwiches and you have all the foods that give you comfort.

We know we’ve lost some of your favourites along the way and we continue to make changes when we get itchy feet and we hope you’ll like what you find. If you have a yearning for something you don’t see on the menu, just ask and if we can whip up one of our old classics for you we’d be only too happy to do so.


our staff

The Back

At the helm we have Wendy who aims to be a dab hand at everything. In fact we need to change her name to MacGyver.

There is Jez, Jamo, Dave, Lee, Rob and Violet (star baker in charge of all things that need leavening and all sweet things) looking after the prep and the line and anything in between that needs doing.

Last and certainly not least we have Victor and Zyin (also a trainee cook) are the real heroes by cleaning up after all of us (and you). Without them we would not function and it would mean getting you back here to wash up and you don’t want that, or if you do let us know!

The Front

A solid team who spend as much time seeing to your needs as laughing and giving the back a hard time.

Kendra (who has been here 21 years and counting), Silas, Alexa, Isabelle, Kristen, Allyssa and Violet (she is not just our star baker) have so much experience and enthusiasm they should bottle it and sell it.

If there is something they don’t know about our history, menu, the neighbourhood and all things Oakwood related, it isn’t worth knowing. Believe me when I say you are in great hands!

Our Facilities

We are the perfect place for all of your celebrations big or small and we do offer the entire restaurant for private bookings should you have a larger gathering planned.

We can offer our existing menu or work with you to create a unique menu to suit your needs.

To book or for further information, please call us on 204-475-5250 or email [email protected]

We also offer off site catering for your event big or small as well as privately catered dinners in your home. From start to finish you’ll have more time to enjoy being with your guests and part of your event.